Sunday, March 08, 2009

Der Wild Wild Run 2009

Event: Wild Wild Run 2009
Venue: National Zoo, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 8 March 2009
Time: 7.30am
Distance: 9.25KM (1.85KM X 5 loops)

i was come across this Wild Wild Run when my running mate is telling me on this. it's quite interesting to run in Zoo Negara. so without second thought i registered.

Today is the day.

The Run is sponsored by Saucony. my 1st ever running shoe brand. Yeah. Just from out from my running mate's blog, the event is derived from Choi, another running mate who sells Saucony shoe. i always can see them at the Bukit Aman after running. While Choi is selling his Saucony shoe there too... i was thinking of getting another shoe. Different type of show from my current cushioning shoe.

Today wake up at 5.00am. have my bread as breakfast and reached Zoo Negara around 6.30am. i saw my Chinese Cari gang is gathering around and have some photo session... im joined with them after i parked my car...

after that, we went to collect our numbers. A133 is my number. quite pretty the number.

the race of around 7.40am... i was quite front, and every is running so fast which makes me looks like running slow...

i was on fast mode for the 1st loop, the time is 9 minutes. after that im getting slowing...

the air is fresh... and enjoy the view and the animal too...

2nd loop i took about 11min
3nd loop is 33min
4th loop is 47min
5th loop is 59min.

i used 59 min to run 9.25km... hmmm although im slower than all my Cari running gang, im satisfy with my result... next race going to push myself more harder...

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