Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diner @ Jln Ampang

One weekend Saturday, im with 2 of my running mates went to Jlm Ampang for diner.
Initially not sure what food that we going to have, and finally we decided to had it Italian Food.

The shop is located at the back of the main road Jln Ampang called Larisata. First time i visited the row of shop and never know it's got such a nice italian food there...

We ordered Pizza as out first meal. very nice, as it's thin and totally different from Pizza Hut and Domino's pizza. it followed with mushroom. taste good too.
Lastly, it's squid ink source angel hair spegeti!! im just too happy when i saw this in the menu! Few years back, we all tried the truly squid ink source spegeti in Venice, Italy. After that, im always miss the food and it's taste. Finally i can taste it in Malaysia.

Finally managed to find back my old picutres. It's really totally contast! Below is from Italy and above is made in Msia... and sure im still prefer the original taste of squid ink...
Desserts... forgetten the name.

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