Saturday, May 22, 2010

In Memory of Ngae Koh Hieng

I not close with him nor he know me. But i know him.
He barefoot running, with wearing "sarong". Besides that, he also cycling.

Guess what, my colleague who also a cyclist also know him! He is our common well known people, someone that everyone in running and cycling sport will know him.

He also participated few Ironman series. "Salute" and "respect".

Tomorrow 23052010 an event initialed by Mr Wan, is having a Run.

Details in facebook here.

This coming Sunday when Pacesetters members have their morning run it would be a run in memory of our fellow member and friend, Ngae Koh Hieng who passed away suddenly on 15 May 2010. All runners and triathletes who know him are invited to this run in memory of him. We try to print a set of souvenir bibs in memory of Ngae but wearing it to run is optional. The distance to run is up to you, the usual 10km Double Hill or any distance you fancy. It is entirely for fellowship.

6.00am - issuance of souvenir bibs
6.29am - one minute silence before run
6.30am - Flag off run
8.15am - Pot-luck Breakfast at Bukit Aman Car-park
10.00am - End of Event

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Ken Wooi said...

RIP Ngae Koh Heing..

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