Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peace Hill Weekday Morning Running Group

A running group called "Peace Hill Weekday Morning Running Group" was being founded by one of our runners on Sunday, 9 May 2010. 

Who are we? 
A group of slow running enthusiasts from Kuala Lumpur trains in the weekday morning before work. 

We normally runs on Tuesday & Thursday morning 5.30am, starting from Bukit Aman Car Park for 10km double hill route. 

We choose Tuesday because normally we have our 20km LSD (Long Slow Distance) run on Sunday, and Monday as our rest day. 

Wednesday is our recovery day, and we run again on THursday. At 1 point of the time, we even run straight from Tues to Thurs. 

To join us: 
Its not hard to enable you to join us nor its not east too... you need to have the stamina of running 10km within 1 hours 20mins, i thinks. ops... yeah... timing not important... we're slow running group. 

ok, here the trick, you need to able to join us at least once or more.. then you will be officially accepted. Importantly can show up on weekday!!! Waits, final 1, its subjects to other members approval too... 

That's all... 

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Fabio Lee said...

"Peace Hill Weekday Morning Running Group" @.@

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