Friday, February 10, 2012

Vibram Hong Kong 100KM Ultra Trail Race - Photos of HK100 - Part IV

HK100 photos resume! 
Again, thanks to  @Aublumberg for the photos. 

The fouth part is starting from CP5 and my numbering also will re-start from 0KM. 
Please take note, CP 5 is about 50KM point... plus the KM show below. 

Part 6 - it's featuring from KM 5.6 until KM 10.4

5.6 KM - from previous part last photo.

5.7 KM 

6.2 KM 

6.3 KM 

7.4 KM 

7.5 KM 

7.55 KM - Wonderful view! just hope this part, when i'm reaching here, the sky still bright! 

8.1 KM 

8.3 KM 

8.6 KM - Steps ah!!! 

9.0 KM 

9.6 KM 

10.0 KM 

10.4 KM ! Another beautiful view! Loving it. 

I'm login back to my weibo and i found HK100 organiser is on Weibo! 
Glad to know it. 
On Weibo, there's runner asking this question: 
"Can we put our LED lamp and batteries at CP5, since 1st 50KM there's wont be falls into dark time" 

Reply from HK100 organiser in weibo: 
"Kindly follow the mandatory items rules as per website" 

haha... the answer is simple. 

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