Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vibram Hong Kong 100KM Ultra Trail Race - Photos of HK100 - Part XI

THursday! I'm flying to Hong Kong tomorrow morning! 
All other things can wait, but Wednesday night i'm been checking my running gears, my running nutrition, and mandatory items required in HK100. 
This part 11 will be the last part on HK100. 

HK100 photos resume! 
Again, thanks to  @Aublumberg for the photos. 

From the four part onward. it's starting from CP5 and my numbering also re-start from 0KM. 
Please take note, CP 5 is about 50KM point... plus the KM show below. 

Part 11 - it's featuring from KM 31.45 until KM 31.45

Before start, i would like to share a video from on HK100 route. 

31.45 KM 

32.1 KM 

32.8 KM 

32.9 KM 

33.1 KM 

33.2 KM 

33.4 KM 

33.6 KM 

34.5 KM 

34.6 KM 


34.7 KM 

35.1 KM 

35.2 KM 

35.25 KM

35.3 KM 

35.6 KM 

35.95 KM 

36 KM 

36.05 KM 

36.5 KM 

37.95 KM 

38.05 KM 

38.8 KM 

38.9 KM 

40.5 KM 

40.8 KM 

42.5 KM 

43.2 KM 

43.59 KM ! 

The finishing point ! 100KM! It's where i'm looking forward to end my Virgin Hong Kong Ultra! 

All the best to all HK100 participants! 


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