Sunday, April 07, 2013

Malaysia Women Marathon 2013

A photo speaks thousand words. Today's weather at Shah Alam, Selangor, where Malaysia Women Marathon held were awesome! Cloudy weather!

@azranosmanrani and his wife at Malaysia Women Marathon #MWM @airasia X #running #marahon #Malaysia #women

Run Sister Run! @airasia CEO @aireenomar runs happily at #MWM at last 200Meters #women #Running

Lovely couple running #MWM @azranosmanrani and his wife at last 200M point #running #women

LYN Runner who wearing running skirt as pacer! 

Which translate: 
"Women who run are the most prettiest women'

LYN Runners YK pacing another LYN runners for her 42km full marathon. 

The sexy runner pacer with his runner! 

Another LYN Runner pacing his Super Girl to complete her 42km full marathon! 

Guess who LYN Runners who accompany this girl to finish her 42km full marathon? 

This girl, when walking pass me, she is crying for the pains. 
Later i only got to know from another LYN runners at water station mentioned she have really bad cramp, spread from one leg to another leg. Well done LYN Runners in supporting the runner ! 

Anyone interested to join LYN Runners are most welcome to join our Facebook. 
Mentions you're reading vin_ann blog can get faster approval by Admin. :) 



Kiron Manuel said...

I have see your profile via postcrossing.I tried to comment on your postcrossing section.Nice to know of the unique cards of Malaysia.Would you consider swapping with me?

Kiron Manuel said...

I saw your blog via postcrossing.I tried to comment directly.Considering that you have nice cards of Malaysia would consider swapping with me?

vin_ann said...

hi Kiron,

Currently i only have Vespa postcards.

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