Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kechara Soup Kitchen

On 1st June 2013, Saturday, my friends and i joins Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK).

Can you spot me? 

On that evening, my friend and i were assigned to Bangkok bank area. I know Bangkok bank area, but i never visited during late evening around 11pm until 1am. It's really something different at night. We have about 80 plus portions to gives out to clients (we refer to homeless people as client as respect to them) 

First stop was at the Bangkok Bank. To our surprised, there's another group already giving out foods to clients with camera recording the situation. The leader told us we proceed to another place first and after that only come back, as we cannot skip it, as there's clients expecting our arrival even though there's another group doing the same. 

We proceeded to next stop at xxx (aiyah, cant recall the second stop) its nearby the Museum Telekom there. To my surprised, that area, was my ACCA tuition venue, i went there every weekend for past 1 year to attend the ACCA classes and never thought at night it's another kind of situation. For the first time, i'm distribute foods together with others to clients. They were sleeping at "kaki lima" of the building. 

Third stop, we parked a bit further opposite the Petaling street main entrance. There's 1 client resting there, and we cross the road to Petaling street entrance side to give to another two clients. 

Four stop, we back to Bangkok bank area. There's a lot of clients waiting us, expecting our arrival. While on another side of Bankok Bank there's a female pregnant client sleeps alone. Leader asking and giving her maps and tells her that she can go to KSK during weekdays, where there's have free lunch and free laundry. Bangkok bank to Imbi, its might be near to me, to some, but to homeless people its far for them. They never take public transport. Something keep me thinking about it. (Updates on last last weekend 15th June, where i joint for second time **heard the pregnant lady safely gave birth when other client alerted KSK person in charge, they managed to get ambulance to fetch her to hospital** hope what i heard was refer to her) 

Fifth stop, we stopped at Legal bar council nearby. There's a newly built square with a lot of chairs. It's been a while since my last time visit to there nor passby. Apparently there's few clients around. 

Sixth stop, Daya Bumi bus stop. 

Last stop, Masjid Negara. Giving foods to clients and managed to distribute all and the time were  around 1:00am. 

Mission completed. We return to KSK place where we parked our cars there. It's early Sunday, where i did something meaningful apart from runing / cycling, I can sleep in on Sunday without feeling weird. 

To my surprised, I still can remember what's happened on my first trip on KSK. It's really eye, heart and mind opening to me! ( For your info: first timer required to attend briefing, and encourage to buy the KSK red T-shirt where clients are recognise it) 

Subsequent after another 2 weeks (15th June 2013), my friends and i joint again. My friend contribute 100 packs of rice with 2 veggies and 1 meat if im not wrong. 

This round, we were assigned to Chow Kit and Honda. Second time coming to KSK. It's seem everything simplified and looks easy. We count and distribute foods according to quantity assigned to each areas. 

Second time in KSK, first time to Chow Kit and Honda. 

First stop - Jln Tar Honda showroom there. Now i know why it's called "honda". Ah, Chow Kit, my previous working place was just nearby where i used to walk past this Honda showroom to have my lunch Kin Kin Pan Mee, and sometimes the opposite famous Nasi Kandar. Im return to a familiar place yet feel strange. Here, a lot of clients waiting. 

Second stop - From Jln Tar, we drove to Jln Raja Laut and stop at Jln Ipoh, opposite Shell. 

Third stop - Along Jln TAR, stop on and off to gives food to clients. Then U-turn into Jln Raja Laut again. 

Fourth Stop - Lorong Tiong Nam. One of the lorong. It's near the morning market there, there's a "datuk kong" temple, a women come by and our leader ask whether we can stand at temple side or not, but the women shout loudly saying can not! The voice so fierce, i'm was shock, but i'm mentally prepared as this kind of situation was warn to us during briefing. We start to distribute foods opposite road of temple. The women keep shouting, and cursing us on why we distribute foods to clients. Leader assured to us, nothing to worry, just keep calm and distribute foods. Apparently the women is drunk, and start talking non-sense and shouting to us, threaten us saying she will report to Bukit Aman etc etc many more! Soonest we finished distribute, we left. The women keep shouting, she will write down the car plates number and report while we were packing and leaving. Interesting scenario we faced. 

Fifth stop - we heading ahead, and it's where behind my old working place and a college. We stopped there. argh. So many things changed since i moved office on Sept / Oct 2012. Here's have many clients too where i never seem any of them during my day time working here in past 3 years! Argh... 

Last stop - Jln Raja Laut before the KFC traffic light junction. 

Completed our task around 1:00am, went back to KSK Imbi, we had some supper before going off. Another wonderful outing. 

P/s: Oh yeah, i never mentions what's happens during briefing. It's where the leader prepare your mental for the activities and sharing true stories that he en-countered which it's really opens up your mind and heart where previously you would never bother to take note or you would laugh at it. 


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