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The Beaufort 60k: A Bridge Too Far @ 16 Dec 2012 161212

**Original entry was wrote on 22 Dec 2012.  Now updating 3rd July 2013, thanks to Deo The Running tagged me on FB photo reminds me of this entry! haha... ** 

Peninsular Malaysia Ultra runners! (Yay, i realized there's photo in my FB) 

The Beaufort 60k - A Bridge Too Far is the hottest ultra marathon in Malaysia as claimed by the race organizer. I was joining this event quite last minutes (about 2-3 months away) when there's Air Asia promotion. I'm together with few others ultra runners were doing the commando style for this run. 

In this run, i'm testing on my body. I'm wearing all black, black top SKINS compression, black short compression! But for sure, confirmed that i'm so regret having this idea when we were just started to run at 7:30am (Sabah sky are so bright at 6am). I'm only can cry deep inside my heart why i choose to wear all black for this ultra. 

Since no turning back, i'm strengthen my mental, KEEP CALM and KEEP RUNNING. 

This is a value super economic ultra run, what you paid, what you get. RM60 for 60km. Beside cool drinks along the water stations, there's no solid foods available, if there's were, also limited. As usual, i packed a lot of energy gels. Vi-Fuel are my main energy gels. its keep me going and stronger! 

Photo credit: Gary Bridger.

My mental hit bottleneck when im just passed 10km mark! imagine when im running behind the morning sun, my back were burning hot, my butt burning, my legs, my calf were burning hot feel. When im running toward the sun, my face, my chest, were burning hot! hot! hot! hot!

What i did was, swift my focus to something else. Lucky at that time, there's a senior runner (i got to know his name is Peter when he crossed finishing line) who ran consistent at slow and steady pace, i decided to target him.

Was running either front or back with Peter. It's a good self imagination buddy to keep me going although we never have any single words exchange. 

All black SKINS compression wear following behind PETER! 

When i felt good, i overtook Peter. When i felt at the lowest point where my speed slowed down, he overtook me and i force myself to follow behind Peter. At least i have something to keep me going. I'm sweating like hell and i wish the next water station come to me very soon! I need ice-cold water!

Forget where i lost Peter in my sight. 

I consumed average 1 hour 1 energy gel to keep me going. After 20km, i'm mentally breakdown. its where i'm start to pamper myself. I brought my first ice-cold soya can drink at the "kedai runcit" at roadside. i'm so glad the store have fridge and it's cost RM1.60 ! I felt recharged after had the ice cold soya drinks! Looking forward to next store along the road! Motivation is back!

Run, run...  my body getting use with the sun, the hotness. i'm feeling much better then initial. I can have some speed back!

There's Petrol station signage ! Guess what, it's show another 10km to go! Zzz.. very huge big turn down on me! My plan, my thought when i saw the petrol station sign, i'm buying foods, buying ice cold coca-cola !!! This keep me going strong! hehe... Some water stations have bananas, but other than that, nothing else. Anyway, lucky never expect anything else. Just keep going.

Reached Petronas station, first thing i grab is COKE !!! then bread. 1 COKE not enough, then second COKE! After Petronas, crossing a bridge, It's a very beautiful view. Too bad, i forget where i saved my photos and reason why i never update this entry because of problematic PC.

i dont know how long im been running under hot sun, and even when i passed 42km mark, nothing special as i have another 18km to go!

There's some part it's a straight road until i cant see the end. It's really mental challenging in hot weather. What else i can do? Counting electric post. 1,2,3,4,5, until lost count and count again. Lucky there's another store where i brought soya drink and COKE! it's where and when COKE is the best drink in the world. Somehow i managed to pick up my speed after i had my COKE!

There's 1 part, running parallel with the beach! Awesome! enjoying the sea view. Passby the villages, bridge, a very simple life village, i can feel the peace.

The senior runner, Peter i mentions in the beginning, he was way far in front of me, when i decided to take my own sweet time to run and battle with myself after i cant keep up with him. In the last 10km, at one of the water station, i saw him resting (Later i found out his body overheated, that's why resting). Surprisingly i can catch up him! Another motivation boost. Now i'm so near to the finishing line and yet body are craving for solid foods!

At one watermelon store, i planned to buy watermelon to recharge, and whose the seller said not need money! (later found out the watermelon was paid for by volunteer / someone) Another joy! yummy! I wish i can find back my photos to share it here.

After 50km, after 6-7 hours of running in extreme hot weather, foot is giving out signal. Blister are forming. Nothing i can do but just be extra careful when im landing. Every small steps are big steps heading to finishing line !

Greeted by Race Director Azman. 

Somehow its work, and i managed to complete it. Yay.

Ultra-man crossing finishing line. In one of the event where i'm faster than him. Nyek. Nyek. Nyek. 
**Self praising***Muka tembok*** 

Official Results Beaufort 60k 2012 from The Beaufort 60k: A Bridge Too Far Facebook.
1st-Stuary McLay 5 hours 58 minutes
2nd- Herddy Sidik-6 hours 29 minutes*joint 2nd
2nd-Joseph Lau-6 hours 29 minutes*joint 2nd
4th-Jifree Pulok-6 hours 34 minutes
5th-Teh Yee Chuan-6 hours 45 minutes
6th-Adele Owen Rubin-7 hours 59 minutes
7th-Ron Davis Francis-8 hours 13 minutes
8th-Judy Liew-8 hours 14 minutes
9th-Mohd Erwan Kassim-8 hours 17 minutes
10th-Tan Chin Ann-8 hours 27 minutes
11th-Peter Ong-8 hours 36 minutes
12th-Liaw Yun Haw-8 hours 40 minutes
13th-Yim Heng Fatt-8 hours 45 minutes
14th-Eco Joharmizie-8 hours 47 minutes
15th-Azrulhisyam Hussin-8 hours 48 minutes
16th-Aliakbar Haji Gapor-8 hours 50 minutes
17th-Azman Sulaiman-8 hours 52 minutes
18th-Alan "the wolf" Tai-8 hours 53 minutes
19th-Imaldy Jakim-8 hours 56 minutes
20th-Boyd Gimbang-9 hours 06 minutes
21st-Anthony Wee-9 hours 10 minutes
22nd-Cornelius Koh-9 hours 24 minutes
23rd-Robert Tseu-9 hours 39 minutes
24th-Ian Edwards-9 hours 53 minutes
25th-Fendy Madi-9 hours 55 minutes*joint 24th
25th-Zulhaskly Zulkifly-9 hours 55 minutes*joint 24th
27th-Koh Cheng Hsiung-9 hours 56 minutes
28th-Jude Juanis-10 hours
29th-Satimin Liun-10 hours 55 seconds
30th-Hana Harun-10 hours 4 minutes
31st-Md Sukairi Bin Hj Abd Rahman-10 hours 11 minutes
32nd-Francisco Zilli-10 hours 39 minutes
33rd-Rudy "You can do it" Boyou-10 hours 58 minutes 09 seconds

Along the 60km, most of the time, 99% i'm running alone. Talking to myself, keeping myself to run, it's a good mental challenge. 

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2013 edition will be held on 15 Dec 2013.


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