Sunday, July 14, 2013

Polar RCX5 - 2013

Wrote 6th July 2013: 

Today, i have my Polar RCX5 battery changed at Athlete Circle. Another battery change after 6 months of intensive using my Polar RCX5 for RPM (with heart rate monior), running (with GPS sensor) and cycling (with Heart rate monitor and GPS sensor). 

My last change was back in January 12, 2013, if im not wrong. After that, i had recorded my H1 Hardcore 100 miles ultra marathons, TNF 100 Philippines and 3 days of inter-states cycling. 

January 13 & February 13 

On 22.2.13, 12:00am, we were flagged off at Kayapa, Philippines for my first maiden 100miles 
- Hardcore Hundred Miles Ultra Marathon

March'13 & April'14 
May'13 - Managed to achieve high mileage due to cycling focus since after my TNF 100 Philippines. 
Were on 3-days cycling tour 

June'13 - My off season period where i did my blood donation, KSK. Off from everything.  

20th April 2013 - I completed my first TNF Philippines at Baguio 100KM Ultra trail for 29 hours 45mins. Too bad, my Polar GPS sensor only managed to record 59.5km. 

From April into May, i have about 3 weeks to pickup my cycling fitness to enable me to joins UCI Ipoh 3 days cycling tour - Uptown - Raub - Gua Musang - Ipoh (via Cameron) 

June - where's i slowed down everything. Just doing indoor exercise namely body pump and RPM. 

So far so good. Since my purchase of Polar RCX5 in October 2011, another 3 months, it would be 2 years of usage. I only can blame my PC that constants giving me problem or rather slow processing that makes me frustrated to updates my blog. :( 

Till my next Polar RCX5 battery change. Bye. 


Final updates 14 July 2013.  

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