Friday, July 26, 2013

JPJ Car Registration Card - Cancelled off

Finally, my beloved little Myvi car is now belong to me after paid off the car loan hire purchase. Paid off the car installment. 

After paid off the car installment, i still need to pay for the disbursement for the release letter. 
Today, Selangor public holiday, i went to collect release letter and bring my car card to JPJ. It's seem, there's no need to collect the release letter as it's not required by JPJ officer! 

The JPJ officer just checking on the system and it's done! 

On Friday afternoon, the JPJ office rest from 12:15pm until 2:45pm! while i'm arrived at JPJ around 1:30pm! argh... have to wait and it's too jam outside to leave to somewhere else. 

The Queue started around 1:45pm when people are lining up at the "pintu". If you ever visits to JPJ Wangsa Maju, you will notice each "pintu" serves different function. Previously when i'm renewing my roadtax, it's Pintu 1. Now i'm calming my ownership, its Pintu 2. 

Yay, car paid off. Next is property. 
Somehow, it's a mistake to have car first.. 

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