Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Badwater UltraMarathon - First Malaysian to participate

Mr Ng Seow Kong, the first Malaysian to participate in "the world's toughest foot race". 

Malaysia Ultrarunner, Ng Seow Kong at Badwater Ultramarathon 2013. First time, Malaysian participated this " the world's toughest foot race".
Photo Credit : AdventureCORPS

As the point of writing this entry, now 11:05pm, 16 July 2013, Malaysian time, Mr Ng Seow Kong have crossed 71 miles mark in 22 hours 7 minutes Pinamint Springs. Seow Kong have another 64 miles to go !!! 

All the best Mr Seow Kong! We are waiting you to see Malaysia flag waving at finishing point! 

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