Sunday, August 11, 2013

Batu Caves temple New Rules 2013

In last Sunday, i never thought its will be my last "no 10 sets no back" training motto at Batu Caves 272 steps. Last Sunday, as usual, i went to Batu Caves temple for steps training to iron out my bore-ness. 

When i was starting my workout, i did not notice any un-usual notice. When only i'm half way doing my workout, i noticed the "signage" was put as shown photo below. Argh... 
1. no compression aka tight pant, 
2. no short pant, 
3. no running, 
4. no dog, 
5. no spitting, 
6. no smoking and 
7. no giving foods to monkeys. 

On the Sunday, there's an aggressive monkey who will try to snap any people with plastic bags! 

While, all these "no" shown in signage, i know in future i have to follow the rules, but for today, im already in my half journey of "no 10 sets no back" motto, i continue to walk up the staircases. 

Guess next time when visit Batu Caves temple, have to wear long pant, act like tourist who loves walking up and down Batu Caves 272 steps. 

Photo credit to Tey Eng Tiong. 

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