Sunday, February 12, 2006

today, i rest enough, sleep till quite late ... around 10am
wash colths, pay bills and have my breakfast+ lunch at once... 1pm already.
then continue back to sleep...

have diner with fren at 7pm... we chatted until 9pm... so long din meet my fren R. that why got so many topics to chat...

at night, back at home, T is calling me, to fetch him to F house... so sudden!

just now i meet J. She was in singapore now. going to start working on monday... she so lansi, keep saying her new co is small to medium firm, and she dun care about it. she din even know what's her new co name... how come ? really dun care?

her aim is big4 in singapore... this new firm is just a stepping stone... for her to spend her time and keep stay in sg longer... stop her mum nagging... She finally start to works since last year September finished studies... waited for so long, each of us is already working... she plan only to stay at the new co for 2 months... and will jump to big4 when get offered. pity her new co who hire her... i'm just feeling this is not right... my other frens M, P, W also din act like this... they say at least want to works there ( small audit firm) for 1 year before jump.

lastest new, my another fren SK, is joining EY... just start working this surprise when i knwo this new from fren... i sent sms to her and another fren who very fren with her and they never replied... getting bored of this... and also dun wan to care about it lioa... i thinks i dun have any value to them lioa...

EY so many frens is joining there... when will be my turn leh?

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