Tuesday, February 14, 2006

a tree falls down on jln pahang... this caused a massive traffic jam in KL...
from the car park i come out, it jammed until i reached home. so serious... An electronic broad telling every1 that a tree is falls down at jln pahang-jln genting kelang direction is closed for traffic.

KLCC traffic light junction, for the 1st time, i witnessed it, 4 directions full of car, and the traffic is stand still. lucky i'm riding motorbike...still can move on.

Ampang Park traffic light junction, it also full of car stand still, the KLCC directions is bloked car from tun razak directions. this can be no jam for another directions, but from my observation, we Malaysian driver also quite kiasu, knowing the front car is not moving, they still drive into the yellow box line and stop in the middle of junctions. when the light turn red, other side of car ways is bloked and can not move on. this make the situation worse...

the traffic cops is more emphasis on KLCC traffic light junctions. there are 2 or 3 traffic cops standing there... while the ampang park traffic light junctions, no traffic cops standing there... how come? only take care 1 side, ignore another junctions.

the DBKL installed lots of camera on the main highways, streets and seem it's got nothing usefulness of it. i was expecting, it the officer notice there were jam at one place, they should sent their emforment officer to duty, control traffic. or should i say this is traffic cop duty?

reasons traffic jam in KL? simple answer, too many traffic light, road too small, and sure too many cars.
too many traffic light
from jln tun razak, to enter into jln Pahang, there always JAMMed.reason, a traffic light operate after the Mcdonald.this traffic light, before it's operation, the traffic is still acceptable. after it's operation, make the traffic worse. only after the traffic light, the situation change to smooth.

big road change to small road
along the jalan pahang to jln genting kelang, from 3 lanes become 2 lanes. it's jamm agains. and ahead got another traffic light...so it jamm again.

i thinks i placed too much expectation on Malaysian's traffic or DBKL... expecting this and that... after watching the mega cities from national geography where the program show how London, paris manage their traffic...

london, using their very advanced system to detect the car movement, and make sure the flow is not stop. it's connected with traffic light, the waiting time is changing according.

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