Friday, December 12, 2008

12 hour Putrajaya Walk

Tommorow is the day.
it's my 1st ever 12-hour walk.
i never thinks long before joining.
i just want to exercise.

previously i long long time ago, i got joined Star Walk in Penang twice.
it's quite enjoyable race, as just walking around penang really makes you understand penang well and more nearer to penang.

now it's 12-hour Putrajaya Walk... mean im would be know Putrajaya well and much nearer?

For Your Information, the track is circle. 1 circle = 1km.
and we are planning to walk for minimum 24km where we will be qualify, and will be given a certificate and a medal.

24 laps minimum, i can remember clearly every inch of the building and plants.

Anyways, it's start from 8.00pm until 8.00am Sunday.

Wish me Good luck.

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