Sunday, December 14, 2008

Im Finished

About 5.45pm, we have diner at Puchong before we take off to Putrajaya.

Just before the race started. A263 is my lucky number.

Time for my last laps, also the 32th laps at 7.50am.

Started from 8.00pm.
During my 1st 2 hours, im trying to adjust my speed and just go for it.

1-2 hours 8pm to 10pm - 12 laps
3-4 hours 10pm to 12am - 9 laps
5-6 hours 12am to 2am - 5 laps
7-8 hours 2am to 4am - 2 laps
9-10 hours 4am to 6am - 2 laps
11-12 hours 6am to 8am - 2 laps

total 32 laps.

after that, im slowing down but still keep the pace.
1 great thing is that we were served food for every 2 hours.

12am to 2am
im really tired. it's not i dun have stamina, but im feel sleepy. im almost want to falls sleep while im walking. eye keep dropping and i still keep walking. after 2am, i decided to stop n rest n sleep as well at the resting area.

from that time, i keep watching my time and make sure that i do wake up to walk for at least 1 round within 2 hours time. else if did not walks after 2 hours, it will dis-qualify.

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