Friday, December 05, 2008

Philips GoGear LUXE

Recently Philips GoGear Luxe is launhed.

Philips is entering the MP3 player market with something vastly different from what they used to do in the past,
and this time round the Luxe might not come with a whole lot of internal memory (just a paltry 2GB),
but it is interesting as it can also function as a Bluetooth headset,
allowing you to interrupt your music session with incoming calls seamlessly.
The one line LCD display lets you know who is calling while your cell phone remains tucked away in your pocket.
Sounds pretty redundant though, since cell phones are pretty capable MP3 players in their own right these days,
so separating that function onto a Bluetooth headset is more of a novelty.
Gotta love the design though as it would go down well with a Nokia Prism in tow.

Source: Cnet

From the newspaper, it's RCP is RM329.

IF Philips has its way, the ­company's newly launched Luxe MP3 player could also be a girl's best friend.

Luxe, which packs 2GB of built-in ­memory, has a jewel-like design and can be worn like a brooch.

The player features the ­company's proprietary FullSound technology to make MP3 songs sound just like high quality CD music by restoring detail to the compressed files, according to the company.

FullSound uses a digital audio algorithm that refines audio output by performing 10 million operations per second to analyse and recompute the music signal before it is sent to the speaker.

The player also offers a one-line LCD screen, built-in FM radio and up to 10 hours of battery life to play music on single charge.

However, what sets it apart from other MP3 players in the market is the fact that Luxe also doubles up as a Bluetooth headset for the mobile phone.

Once paired with a phone, the device will pause music playback automatically when a call comes in. In this mode, it provides users with up to four hours of talktime and up to 100 hours of standby time. Luxe retails for RM329. ZAM KARIM


i managed to try the sound, and it's great. it's really totally different from MP3 that im own now!!! im just loving it.

And for the first time, i was like Sang Kancil visit City, i tried the Bluetooth function by connect it to my W610i. i make a call to my friend and it's act is wireless bluetooth headset.

really thinks of getting 1, but it's not the suitable time yet, as next year it's will intro 4G version!!!

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