Monday, April 27, 2009

Head Light Bulb

yesterday, i went to my usual car wash @ Kota Damansara.
i have been 3 weeks did not wash my car.

it's dirty.

it's been long time did not side down yam cha with my friend.

discussing with him on the car...

Head Light Bulb.
OMG... im found out from him that myvi stock head light bulb can causing the head lamp become blur blur over a long period...

this is because the head light bulb did not have UV protection layer.

UV layer protection layer? i heard this term before.
oh, i heard it last year when Philips Xtreme head light bulb was being introduced.
most of my myvi gang have brought the head light bulb.
it's cost about RM200+++

Besides that, another better head light bulb deal...
that's is HID. The 1 my friend recommend is cost about RM400++
which includes all the HID kit and cable...
important thing is the HID is yellow colour light and it's wont attract police attention if compared to white colour light.

it's for safety purpose.

another i found from my friend is myvi head light design...
the lamp is BIG...
and the bulb is place deep inside the lamp. the deeper it's being placed, the more reflective and more bright it will be.

my friend straight aways gives examples of bad design are: Proton Perdana. the head light is not placed deep inside and it's definately lose on the brightness if compared with myvi. in fact myvi's brightness is the most brightest...

even after change the head light bulb to HID or Philips Extreme, the satisfaction will not complete if the wiring did not change.
on the original wiring, the head light is being wired together with other accessories. the electric is being shared with others... and at certain point, the brightness of head light bulb is not being maximised.

the simple solution is wire the wire straight from battery to head light.

too bad, not only waiting for the right time, right place. right people and importantly right money.

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