Friday, April 17, 2009

Runner Malaysia


RunnersMalaysia is celebrating her 3rd Anniversary! If you’re in KL, do join us for a short morning run at the usual gathering place – the car park facing the police HQ – at 7:30am on 25th April.

And in the true spirit of community there will be a light pot luck breakfast after our run at 8:15am. Contributions like snacks, fruits, finger food, sandwiches are most welcome. Those interested in bringing food or drinks, please email me For directions to the car park, please check out .

In the 3 years, Wan and I have had pleasure in meeting new runners of all shapes and levels of fitness to the always free Beginner's Running Program.

Our reward is seeing many whom have “graduated” from just being able to complete a lap around the lake to running marathons (that’s 42.195 km or 26.2 miles) and making jogging/running as part of their health routine. It’s just our little way of giving back to the community and sharing the benefits of an active lifestyle.

So here’s looking forward to seeing you on the 25th!

Wan Yew Leong & Jamie Pang



im starting up my running with runner malaysia...
im myself did not know im likes to run...
running with group really motives me...
besides that, my social network is expand...


mizzura said...

hye vin..long time ago distance running is one of my fav. after i read 'bout this progrrame, i was interested..but how does it looks..can you post any pix of the events..thanks ya..

vin_ann said...

you can visit the link above.

basically, you just show up and ask for Mr Wan! He is a very kind person, no need to afraid to ask for him. (if you the venue which is Bukit Aman Car Park, map are attached in the link)

since its a beginner running program, if there are new people joining, Mr Wan will accompany he/she running together and explaining about running. you can ask anything about running from him.

there are few routes that we always take, if no newbie, we took long route which is just 7km and short route is about 4km (about 20-30 minutes of run)

for pic, you also can find in the link.

vin_ann said...

btw, RunnersMalaysia also got facebook. hehe

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