Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Craze Ultra (100 Mile/50 Mile/25 Mile) - Are You Nuts Enough?

Today, I'm only discover this! 100 miles !

Psst... let me tell you a secret, since i managed to complete my 2 100KM ultra, I'm been waiting chances to challenge myself further to 100KM...

So i found out this CRAZE ULTRA 100 miles in FACEBOOK ! It's so near to me, it's in Singapore!!!

In their FB, Running Guild fixed Sept 22-23 as race day!

Go likes their FB fan page: Craze Ultra (100 Mile/50 Mile/25 Mile) - Are You Nuts Enough?

Below are their FB info which i copy and paste:

Are you up for a challenge?
Wanna have fun with your friends?
Find out how far and how long you can go!

Running Guild ( is planning for the Craze Ultra, to be held in Singapore in 2012, with distances of 100 Miles (160km) / 50 Miles (80km) / 25 Miles (40km), which you can take on as an Individual or as a Team (a minimum of 2 members, up to a maximum of 8 members).

If you join as a team, it'll be in a relay format, with your team mates stationed at various checkpoints waiting for your arrival & ready to tackle the next segment.

Time: 9am till 3pm the following day (30 hours)
Place: To Be Confirmed

Cutoff Timing:
This has not been finalised but we expect it to be about 30 hours or so for the 100 Miles.

We are looking into an out-and-back course, with the maximum distance 50miles(80km) one way, and return via the same route.
To avoid the high costs of road closure, we will be utilising footpaths, park connectors where possible.
Please expect to cross traffic junctions.. so please observe traffic rules.

Support Stations:
In addition to the Main Support Station at the Event Site, there will be up to 8 Support Stations along the route, located at approximately every 10-20km interval:

Special Needs Bag:
You may pack your own self-provided Special Needs Bag, which will be deposited at any Support Station of your choice or even at every Support Station, but each must be clearly marked with Masking/Other Large Tape & Marker Pen with the following:
Bib Number:
Support Station Number:
You can access your Special Needs Bag when you arrive at the Support Station and use it to collect/deposit some items, e.g. sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.
We will drop off your Special Needs Bag at the respective Support Stations, as indicated on your bag.
Before/At the end of the event, we will retrieve all Special Needs Bag and bring it back to the main event site for your collection.

Items to Carry (Compulsory for 100 & 50 Mile participants. Optional for 25 Mile participants ):
1. Handphone
2. Hydration (sufficient for 20km before the next Support Station)
3. Map (A map of the route will be given)
4. Whistle
5. Mini Torchlight
6. Cash
7. Transport card (EZ Link)

Items to Carry (Optional):
1. Food
2. Pillow
3. Sleeping Bag
4. Sunblock
5. Cap
6. Insect repellant
7. Anti-chafing lubricant

We are now gathering interest in the event. So if you think you are up for it, or crazy enough, you may indicate your interest by clicking on this link:

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