Saturday, January 07, 2012

Tunas Kijang - BNM Child Care Centre

It's been year the construction on going. 
I never get to know what's the project for until its completed. 
I bet you wont want to know how this building like during construction. It's built on hill...

It's Tunas Kijang. A google told me, Tunas Kijang is Bank Negara Malaysia Child Care Centre.  

Child Care Centre for this? Wow... 

Bet this Child Care Centre must be good at taking care the Bank Negara Malaysia employee's kid. 

So how many BNM staffs kids / childs going to be the residents of Tunas Kijang?
Okay, BNM should have thousand over staffs, so they need huge building as Child Care Centre.
On other hand, how many organisation will build this huge building  as Child Care Centre.

Malaysian corporate organisation need to learn from BNM!!! 

God bless the lucky BNM staff kids who can enjoy this awesome facilities. 



Amy said...

I just saw your posting on Tunas Kijang. I am one of the staffs at BNM. While the facilities there are very good and of high class, the school/classes shuts down very often(so far this year -about 5 weeks more than any other daycare in the states ) due to many diseases. Some were upon the request from Ministry of health and some were the decisions by the management itself due to their over -paranoid. Can you imagine mosquito bites certified by 4 pediatrician was being classified as Hand Foot Mouth Disease and they refused to accept the specialist verification. And if one child in a class was diagnose with contagious disease, not only the entire class will shut down but the siblings of the affected classroom are also prohibited from going.
While I agree that on the surface, the school seems very ideal, every parent that send their kids there has to prepare on the very occasional shits down of the classes or the school. It's very bad and I wish parents are given options by BNM instead of monopolistic/single provider of daycare.

Unknown said...

Can I get tunas kijang contact number

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