Sunday, January 08, 2012

FRU for 901 rally.

Argh... another rally. really feel sick when hear this "rally" word appear in media. 

This round, a 100,000 rally planned by PKR to support Anwar when KL High Court finally rules on the two-year-long sodomy trial. 

This round, its not weekend, its weekday, its Monday, the Monday Blue day ! 

As usual, Sunday morning my LSD run at Bukit Aman and i spotted this... FRU... 

The Infamous water cannon lorry... Surprisingly only 1 cannon spotted at the time i leaving. 

Another FRU lorry. 

Grab pop-corn, let's wait for tomorrow. But 1 thing for sure, gotta go out to office earlier than usual.
You wont know whether Police will LOCKDOWN THE KL CITY again or not...
The Final countdown start now...

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