Monday, October 14, 2013

Thailand Ocean To Ocean Relay Running 2012 with Bukit Aman Runners - Series

Finally, i have the time and my personal computer to updates my long long outstanding blog that i wanted to share since i completed the relay running back in December 2012. 

Its was my first trip visiting to Thailand, and i got this golden opportunity at the very last minute when there's 1 of the member not able to attend! Hoorey! 

We boarded express bus at Puduraya on Friday evening 11pm depart from KL heading to Thailand. We were arrived at the Bukit Kayu Hitam some rest stop where we have our temporary visa done by agent and had our breakfast and toilet break in early morning. 

At the Thailand custom, where the bus went parking and we Q for the custom. it's took about 1 hour for everyone got through the custom. 

First time visiting Thailand. Somehow i felt excited. 

Thailand, where's pickup heaven ! A lot of pickup cars were seen along the way to Hatyai ! 

Our bus destination are Hatyai. Where we will be boarding on our pre-arranged hired van for the relay! 
Hatyai, first time visiting. Something different. 
It's look very messy yet not really messy in real life.  

Motorcycle in parking. oh yeah, the weather is abit cooling in the morning. Ai.. what's im writing ini. 

The complicated electric cables! 

Its was some sunshine cloudy day on December 2012. 

Our bus stopped not far from our hotel. 

Somehow im still obsessed with the messy cables! zzz...  

Toyota and pickup cars. It's everywhere in Thailand! There's none of Proton cars spotted in our neighbor Thailand. 

Again! -_-iii 

It's our van! There's 3 groups of us. There's 3 vans and 3 drivers. 

My van. Really spacious! The interior that Malaysia Van never able can match with. 

I'm the most youngest, thus i got my back seat! haha... 

Tuk Tuk... 

Our lunch. Our first lunch in Hatyai ! Nyek Nyek Nyek... 

After the lunch, we were heading to Song Khla where our relay starting ! 

The awesome lunch! 

Had our yummy lunch, and all of us in 3 Vans, still have another 2-3 hours of journey to Song Khla where we will be checking into our hotel and pick up our Ocean to Ocean relay running race bib and vest and many many other related things! 


Remarks: The Ocean to Ocean relay running are purely my experience. Thank you. 

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