Sunday, November 03, 2013

Thailand Ocean to Ocean Relay Running 2012 - Series II

Ocean to Ocean Relay Thailand is where the starting point at Pacific Ocean and finishing point at Indian Ocean, running from Sunrise to sunset with a team of 8 runners, 1 team manager and 1 driver. 

Back in 2012, or rather since 2011, I heard of the Ocean to Ocean relay running but never have the opportunity. Until the very last minutes, I managed to get a spot in Bukit Aman Runners group! Hehe... 

Year 2012 - The Ocean to Ocean Relay running were starting from SongKhla (Pacific Ocean) to Satun (Indian Ocean) 

Amazing right. We were running with baton which touched with Pacific Ocean seawater and we ran to Indian Ocean to touch the seawater marking the end of our 132KM relay with 8 runners! 

A check with google (as at 3 Nov 2013), there's no information available on Ocean to Ocean Relay Running 2013. This year, its should be the opposite direction starting from Indian Ocean to Pacific Ocean and Sunset to Sunrise which we Bukit Aman Runners group have no intentions to joins as most of the hours are running in the dark and not able to enjoys the beautiful views along the way! 

 On friday evening, we boarded Express Bus to Hatyai and we reached at Hatyai on next morning. 

Argh... I still fancy about the complicated wiring of Thailand! 

Touring at Hatyai town before we depart to Songkhla with Bukit Aman Runners group.

A very clean fish stall which you me cant find in Malaysia. 

This is the market where we going to "sapu" all the nice things and foods after we completed our relay. Now was just to surveying around! haha... 

Cheap ! Cheap Thailand foods! 

Argh. Enjoys it. 

Some of us already cant "tahan" and brought ! 

How frequent we can see these sweepers in KL? 

Junk Food heaven! 

Chicken leather!!! 

More Junk Foods! 

Packed with things! You name it, they have it! 

Testing... testing before buying! 

For the first time, I'm seeing this kind of presentation on the fruits! 
I asked myself why put a leave? 

Keep thinking left right front back and no answer to myself. 
So asked Peter, why they put leave. 
He replied:" Oh, that just for decoration purpose!" 
Don't you feel like attracted by the leaves and wanted to buy? 

The biggest regret during this trip was, i never go try McD Pork Burger! 

Air Asia & 7-11 plus the complicated wires! 

Felt so surprise and excited when i saw Chinese word on the signage! 

Something that we can always find in KL.. 

It's was a hot day. We chilled at 1 small cafe shop at roadside. They have coffee machine! 

Nice and cheap foods and drinks and dessert! 

How common that a small budget cafe have a coffee machine in store???? 
At least its not happening in KL. 

Had ice-cream instead of coffee pulak. 

After had the ice-cream, we departed to Songkhla leaving Hatyai town. The journey took us about 2 hours journey to Songkhla. 

To be continue.... 

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