Monday, November 11, 2013

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2013 PBIM : Baggage Counter - RM1.00 fees waived.


RM1.00 now is waived.

Penang Bridge International Marathon runner's handbook have indicated that RM1.00 will be charge for each piece of baggage deposit at the baggage counter.


PBIM create "WORLD RECORD" !!!! instead of Book of Record Malaysia. 
Baggage counter will charge EACH piece of baggage for RM 1.
My silly calculation : Let say 20,000 ppls x RM 1 = Yeahh...buta buta dapat RM 20,000. syoknya~~jom kita pi makan besar

p/s : PBIM, please explain laa sikit  dun bullshit me for charity purposes .

From: SeanWorld of MARATHON Facebook 

Which i fully agreed with SeanWorld !!! 

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