Tuesday, November 05, 2013

LSD Run become 11KM run on 3 Nov 2013 & Peanut Butter

Last Sunday, wanted to run, run 21km as my warming up run since my SCKLM. I hardly run since SCKLM and mostly active in cycling.

Yet, on the Sunday, my Bukit Aman Runners group most of them were on holidaying to Hatyai and it's 2XU run on the same day which also happens held in Padang Merbok.

Somehow, i managed to reach at Bukit Aman at 5am and trying my best possible to run 21km, yet its raining and the hot passion to run become cold. Zzz...

Waiting... and decided to run. But somehow, at 5km, i lost my mojo to run! Must be running alone and i'm out of my running sync. I just want to back to car park. Just run walk walk run...

On my way back, it's such a wonderful view from Bukit Tunku. Enjoyed it. 

On the same evening, I managed to get Joey's Homemade peanut butter! Finally! Finally i managed to get to taste the homemade peanut butter! 

It's really awesome! no non-sense joking here! It's worth every single ringgit for the homemade peanut butter which cost RM13.00. 

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