Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fresh GoatMilk - Alita

My bad cholesterol level was abit higher after my medical result. 
My sifu recommended goatmilk can help to reduce the cholesterol level... 
So im trying... 

Its a fresh goatmilk from Johor... 

If you're interested, you may call the number shown above to make arrangement. 

To some, they loved the smell of goatmilk. 
To some, they prefer not to have the smell of goatmilk. 

The above were Yogurt and chocolate favour and guess what, its did not have smell! 
Im just loving it. 
A nice thing is come with a price tag. I cant afford to drink 2 bottles a week. 
Will try to order, 2 bottles per month.
Its the price to pay to maintain health and prevent any sickness. 

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