Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Verizon's CDMA iPhone 4 - Hotpost

Ah... new features! its Personal Hotsport ! 

Turn your iPhone 4 to a hotspot and you can share your 3G internet connection with other devices! 

Currently, iPhone 4 only can be done through jalibreaks... 

目前Android手機升級至2.2後,內置已有Wi-Fi無線網絡分享3G連線功能。啟動後手機就會變成Pocket Wi-Fi一樣,讓iPad、手提電腦或不同裝置都能輕易上網。iPhone用家目前仍要透過jailbreak,付錢並安裝MyWi或使用PDANet才可以把3G訊號變成Wi-Fi,否則就只能透過藍牙或USB分享,限制很多。
美國Verizon剛公佈iPhone 4,其他CDMA功能不多說,始終香港沒有大家未必有興趣。但是,外國媒體初步試玩中,清楚看到Verizon iPhone 4擁有像剛才所述無線網絡分享功能。官方稱為Personal Hotspot,最多可讓五個裝置連接,與Pocket Wi-Fi類似。用家只要在設定輸入密碼,選擇把其啟動即可。無需再jailbreak,即時分享iPhone的3G連線,隨時上網。
而Verizon iPhone 4亦是執行未公佈的iOS 4.2.5版本,目前iOS 4.2.1用家,可能很快便有更新。不過,目前仍未清楚上述變Pocket Wi-Fi功能,會否開放給全世界使用。
Conclusion: The Verizon iPhone4 shown above is the un-announced iOS 4.2.5 version, and current latest version iOS 4.2.1, possible there's will be an update soon. 
But its not confirmed that the Pocket Wi-Fi functions will be open for public to use. Let's hope! 

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