Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Summer suites SOLD OUT @ 17 Jan 2010

Today, Sunrise advertised in the various newspaper to thank its buyers for the great responds on the Summer Suites launches over the weekend. 
Its said to be SOLD OUT and limited bumi units available. 

Advertisement in Sin Chew Daily 

The same advertisement in The Edge Daily. 

But but, around 4.40pm, one of my twitter's friend tweeted me and asking me whether Summer Suites nice or not the property since im was there during weekend. 
My friend received invitation yesterday to attend today's sale office, and he saw my tweets saying SOLD OUT wihch make him confuse. Ops... 

He visited and told me that only left some bumi units as well as bigger units left. 

Tower A considered as SOLD OUT, now everyone is waiting for the Tower B launches... 
Bet its going to be even more crazier than Tower A's sale launch!!! 

Stay Tune. Hope i can get the 1st hand information. 


OneVsOne said...

Property now just like FREE...seem every projects also selling fast

FOS said...

I was there last Sat, d crowd jus amazing.. to all buyers, tell me how long u take to decide to get 1 unit? I tin most of them will say less than 30 mins... U really hv no time to think whether d property is worth to invest or not.. jus buy!!

Chess Gal said...

When I went there at 10am, I straight go to the unit boards and check out for the smallest unit left. Then I got hold of the SA to make booking. Line up, paid and apply for my loan on the same day. Barely even time for you to think cause units were taken up like hotcakes. My preferred units were taken up by a lady infront of me and I have to settled for a unit one level lower.

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