Thursday, June 23, 2011

100km Sundown UltraMarathon 2011 #VinVirginUltra

3-digits marathon, 100km, my #VinVirginUltra, Sundown Ultra-marathon 2011, be it greeted by you or not, be it blessed by you or not, be it wished by you or not, I'm giving my best to complete it.

Somehow, somewhere, sometime, i feel i have boarded "Pirate of Caribbean ship" lead by Captain Jack Sparrow last year when i clicked "register" Sundown Ultra marathon 100km.  haha... Now is the battleship movement! No regret!

After 6 months since the "click", my running changed. I can run 9 hours without problems. A 42km marathon is just a mere fun running, where I can start running back after 1 day. The recovery is faster than I can imagine.

The fun of 100km will begin at 6.00pm on 25 June 2011, at Marina Bay Sand Roof. 

289 - Always HUAT Forever! haha...

A lot of factors which influenced me to board the Pirate of Caribbean ship! Among all of the factors, one have defeated my purpose of joining 100km Ultra. 

One is enough to kill me. 
One is enough to help me cruise through 100km. 
One factor can turn my ship over or help cruise smoothly. 
Im trying to stay afloat on the ship.
I'm trying very hard. 
I'm trying.  
I dont wish to sink into the deep sea.   

Don't ask me whether i'm will be back for Ultra 2012 or not. At least not now.

Im going to enjoy the fun aka mental & physical roller coaster coming Saturday evening starting from 6.00pm for 16 hours 
Yes, my battle on the pirate ship together with Captain Jack will be spending 16 hours! 

Battle field: Singapore 
Departure port: Marina Bay Sand Roof 
Ship route: Marina bay to Bedok and return

Good luck & All the best. 

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