Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last training for Sundown Ultra-marathon 2011

It's less than 1 week! It's our Ultra-man test ! It's Sundown Ultra-marathon 2011 100km !

This weekend were the last LSD... we were tapering down... Sat 20km and today also 20km.

Sifu Terrence accompany with Mohan Marathon was giving last tips regards our Ultra-marathon on Saturday. 

A very important last piece of advises from Sifu...! 

Thank you Mohan for coming all the way from Singapore to run with us. 
You're such a very good motivator! 

Ultra-buddies running up the hill towards Bukit Tunku. It's such a disappointment on how DBKL maintain the road lamps along the road! 
We been training in the dark on this part of road for months, wait, for years! 

Shame on DBKL, who failed to maintain road lamp in the heart of City of Kuala Lumpur! 

Running with Mohan, your mind are automatically sync with his strong mental ! He was encouraging Karen who is also going to do his 42km KL marathon! I can feel Mohan encouragement too! 

Btw, psst, psst...Want to learn How to cheer up when you're running? 
It's teach by Mohan grand-sifu! Just go watch what's I'm doing inside the video, and you go test it out yourself! hehe... 
Tell me after u have tried it! 

The Timex Tap Tap (Orange color) ! Very interesting watch! haha... 
But on upper side, the big brother of Timex orange, it's awesome! 

All the best to my running friends in Standard Chartered KL Marathon which ending the same time with my Sundown Ultra-marathon in Singapore if you're finishing in 5 hours 30mins. 

Lastly my greeting to all! 
All the best & Good luck in your Virgin Ultra marathon and marathon! 

Yes, Sundown Ultra is my Virgin Ultra marathon! 


怪咖 Jackson W. said...

good luck on your ultra marathon! I'm Beginner, only going for my virgin 42km in SCKLM-2011.

lots to learn from you!.

vin_ann said...

Thank you.

If you're from KL, you are welcome join us at Bukit Aman Car park meet up point for running.

Thank you

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