Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chia Seed - 2nd batch

Jeng Jeng Jeng... Since i having this Chia seed on 20 May 2011, Im been doing well for my running. My weight also keep reducing. hehe...

My 375g pack is going to finish soon, as im consume a small tea spoon everyday. My supplier going to get his second batch of Chia seed stock this week! 1KG pack is coming to my way as im sharing with my friend.


Loving Chia seed everyday! 



j3n said...

Hi just wonder where you get the Chia Seeds from?

vin_ann said...

hi J3n

the chia seed was from Australia.

Alternative you can get from organic shop @ SS2 Medifoods.

MissMaggie said...

4L kamonseHi J3n,

Do you think I can get Chia Seed from your supplier as well?

It is very hard and very expensive to get Chia Seed in KL. I have yet to find any that cost RM70 perkg.

Really hope if this is possible.

You can contact me at

Thanks and regards,
Maggie Samsudin

MissMaggie said...

Hi J3n,

I have been gaining unhealthily and was told by a doctor to loose weight to avoid any complication and somebody recommended me to try Chia Seed.

Do you think I can get the Chia Seed through your supplier as well?

I have been looking for this items all around and have not found anything that cost rm70 per KG. Other places are so expensive.

Really hope that you could help with this.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

vin_ann said...

hi Maggie,

Unfortunately, that was the last 1kg Chia seed pack i got it from my friend.

Now im buying from organic shop. If you have friend coming back to Malaysia from Australia, you can ask them to help u buy. :)

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