Saturday, June 18, 2011

Royal Selangor, Royal Selangor again & again!

Remember my previous post on Royal Selangor on 5th June 2011 ?  Today i was with the same gang plus one new friend were here. I can't believe that one of my friend have been visiting the cafe here on weekend for almost every week ! Saturday & Sunday never fails to turn up here!

Glad that I managed to introduce Royal Selangor Pewter to him, yet he is KL local boy who never ever thought of visiting Royal Selangor. But its was me who the non-KL boy introduce to them! haha...

A simple and enjoyable breakfast on sunny Saturday morning! A good retreat for my #VinMentalBreakdown ! 

This is tea pot used ! It's a real pewter ! Im enjoy pouring the tea out from the pot! 

This pot used for coffee! Very nice! 

Before we were leaving, one of my friend actually inquired about the plate! He is going to get the pewter plate for his new house! haha... 

He gives us a wild idea on how he going to use the pewter plates by utilizing the nature of pewter! We really enjoy his idea and had a good laugh!  

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