Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Nike+ Challenge #WeRunKL, Oct 5, 2011

3 days, its all i need to break into the Top10 of the Run Buddy Run Nike+ challenge by #WeRunKL.

I'm at 9th position today! The real competition is just started.

To be honest, i'm just a newbie to Nike+. Nothing much i know about Nike+ thingy. I know that I'm been running for the past 3 days continuous running everyday morning and evening session for me to reach at 9th position.

I know, running too much and on everyday basis will increase the risk of injury, which is a nightmare to a runner specially I'm preparing for The Most Beautiful Thing 100KM trail run @ KK.

  Hello top10 runners. Let's run.

Let's run, run and run. 
For every KM we clock, @NikeMy will donate RM1.00 to charity. 

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