Saturday, October 15, 2011

Putrajaya Night marathon 2011

The movement is arriving soon.
This evening, 8.00pm is the starting time for Putrajaya Night Marathon.

Last year, i have done badly. You can refer to here --> Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010

This year 2011, it's the different me. After completion of Ultra in June this year, I'm not the same Chin Ann as last year anymore.
BSN is the main sponsor. 
In line with their recent aggressive marketing plan on the credit card, they so smart to put BSN CC photo in my race running bib. =.="" 
Good marketing! 

This morning was running with sifu for 10km slow pace double hill route. This evening, i'm intended to start early myself to clock 8km and join the 42km marathon with total mileages of 50KM.

Not forgeting, I will be running The Most Beautiful Thing 100KM ultra trail run in about 2 weeks time, which held on 5 Nov 2011 at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. :)

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011 where Yim and Karen will be running for Orang Asli after they finished 100KM duo in TNF race in Singapore this morning!
Salute and respect to them!

See the video above.

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