Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TMBT - Qualify status for UTMB

The Most Beautiful Thing : 100KM Ultra trail marathon, single stage ! 36 hours cut off time!
See, isn't beautiful ? Photo taken by tristupe.com who recently went to Mount KK Climbathon!

It's 10 days to The Most Beautiful Thing 100KM ultra marathon. Months of training going to be tested in the ultra.

Physical and mental challenges. No turning back... Just do it.

Received email updates from the Race director of TMBT. I have 10 days to strategies my running strategy and nutrition planning.

In the email updates, we were informed that TMBT 100KM has been given qualifying status for the legendary Ultra-Trail Du Mont Blanc UTMB and competitors who complete 100KM course within 36 hours cut off time stand to gain 2 points !

From the map, it's look simple right? That's the good positive thinking I'm practicing! I CAN DO IT.

Chin Ann is going to complete his 1st ultra trail marathon 100KM.

During the race day over 2 days single stage, 36 hours cut of time, I will be updating my status via SMS to twitter.
Do follow me ( @vin_ann)  if you wish to follow my TMBT race status updates.

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