Saturday, October 15, 2011

Run Buddy Run Nike+ Challenge - Nov 15, 2011

Since my last post Nov 5, 2011, I was stopped using Nike+ over the weekend.
Just feel something not right in me. I was skipped Nike+ over my high mileages weekend and im only resume back on weekday.

Few day no clocking on mileages, my placing dropped. To be honest, seeing the KM figures in the Nike+ can be really de-motivated and some part its motivated.

I thinks i was demotivated, and i skipped using Nike+ during the last weekend. I really have no idea how people can run 300KM plus within 8 days... this really turn off to me!

Weekend were over, and looking at the figures again, I need turn this de-motivation to motivation as i need mileages for my 100KM The Most Beautiful Thing #TMBT. This week is crucial week, it's high mileage week that i can do so, so does next week last week to do so...

Okay, so i turn this into motivation and i ran Tuesday AM, Tuesday PM, Wednesday AM, Wednesday PM and Thursday PM all were at Lake Garden. Its were a treasure to run so many sessions at 1 single place without getting bored. Thank you runners who run with me.... but most of the time AM sessions i ran alone.

Just in care: Those not aware of TMBT can click here: The Most Beautiful Thing 100KM

By this weekend which end on Sunday for me, i shall break into Top 10. Wish me all the best and good luck!


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