Monday, September 01, 2008

30 Aug 2008

last night so excited with my pictures and immediately after back home, i upload to my PC and upload to my photobucket and post few pictures in the low yat forum.

today it's Saturday. 1 day before Merdeka. Everyone is busy with their planned activities while im got no any program. so i decided to join my senior's gathering which is happened at PV10, newest condo in Setapak area.

it's my senior's new house. she brought it two years ago and this year May she moved into her new house and stay with her sister. She now already afford to buy a RM188,000 condo while im got nothing.

it's been quite long since Penang's TAR College i did not meet with my senior. the first thing my senior ask me when im reached at her house is about life in KL. their conclusion is : BORING.

so they want to find out from me, whether my life is BORING too or is it whether is only their problems or it's KL's life is BORING. haha...

Various of question is being throwed out and being answered. their conclusion, my life is BORING same as them. Another senior come, also being asked the same question and also got the same conclusion.

Anyways, we have a great homecook diner which is cooked by my senior. Got chicken, pork, soup, vegatable... after that got dessert and fruits. it's quite full.

after that we chit chat... until 12.30am then only left.
it's a great gathering. im enjoyed it.

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