Saturday, September 06, 2008

Penang Bridge Run

Penang bridge run 22km half marathon map is up.

since the Penang bridge Run marothan is back on August, im been strugglling whether want to join or not. 

Join then i should have start my training as soon as possible yet i dun have the motivation to register myself yet although there is Online Registration is available.

Something is holding me.  

previously i got joined Penang Bridge Run for 3 times continous. 

2000 : i joined the 25km run, but im oversleep. after wake up it's 8am already and im still go there not for running but to redeem alots of free gifts. 

2001: i was in TAR College Penang, this round, i got the so called "exercise' and for the 1st time running for 22km without any expectation. i failed to finish within 3 hours and failed to get certificate. 

2002: with the previous experience, i training abit more compared with previous year. this round i managed to completed within 3 hours. Horey, i got certificate and medal. 

2003 - 2006: i went to KL for my Advanced Diploma.   

2007 - 2008: started to works extremely busy with my audit life. 

2008: joined commercial, this round i have the time. i thinks im going to register myself when "something" that hold me is settle. 


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