Saturday, September 06, 2008


All this while since introduction of the Online Purchase for the movie ticket for GSC, im already used with it. 

on 31 August also the same. i try to do last minute purchase online at home before im off to One Utama GSC for movie. 

oh, shit, it's access denail on the last step of the confirmation.

first im use my Direct Access credit card to try, but fail. 
then use UOB One Platinium card which can gives me 5% cash rebate on GSC movie ticket to try, but fail too.  
then use OCBC, but fail. 
then use Maybank, but fail. 

after so many trys, i gives up. then im still go out and head to One Utama. i was thinking if can not get ticket on-time then i go shopping. Lucky that day that time, it's less people i go to line up and within 5 minutes it's my turn. i have saved 50cents, but i feel in-secured. 

anyways that day i watched Money No Enough 2. it's quite touching movie and we all facing it everyday. 

August is gone, here come September. i checked my online statement for my credit card and found there are RM10.5 x 7 in all my credit cards which im trying to purchase that day but fail.  i called every bank and they gives me the same conclusion, go back to the Merchant, and ask them to make reversal on the transaction else making a dispute report is risky. 

Risk of my credit rating will be destroyed. if the result show i have to pay the dispute amount, i have to bear the finance charges as well. Suddenly it's gives me a serious of thoughts on online purchase. 

Among the banks, Maybank said the dispute result will be known in 45 days. 
Direct Access is the worst, it's 100-120 days. 
Other banks also in between. 

I decided to get back to GSC. but im expecting a difficult task for it. i got the general line of the GSC after searching high and low. i thinks i should have call back my ex-colleague ask them to flip client directory to get the GSC office telephone number to save my trouble. haha.  

got the number, but it's only operates from Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm. 

Yesterday, 5 September 2008 Friday

it's friday, my finance manager leave early and left me alone. when im get ready to leave, suddenly my japanese admin manager boss asked me to do some works for him. Lucky the figures is easy to find. within 5 minutes it's done and im left office. 

dammit, it's terible huge bloddy traffic jammm. in the jammm, suddenly i thought since i got nothing do to, why not i try to call the GSC customer service. it's 5.40pm, i called and some1 is answering. so i asked to transfer the line to customer services and it's got asnwered by a friendly Customer service within 15 seconds. yeah. 

i told her my situation and that time im only bring with 1 of my credit card with me. so i give her my credit card number and she said she will get back to me later today or monday. i dont thinks so she able to return my call within the same day since it's 5.40pm already. 

what's make me so excited is she gives me her direct lines. other credit card number i can call her direct line for her to investigate. Hopefully her direct line wont bluff me. 

i thinks my problems is almost solved and waiting the time to come. 

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