Tuesday, September 16, 2008


it's seems im quite a long time did not blogging.

it's been 1 week passed.

so many things happened. mostly un-happy, pissed off, specially on last friday.

on morning, RPK is being arrested under ISA... no more hold no barred stories.

then at night, the sin chew reporter who reports on "pendatang" also arrested under ISA. Police reasoning is, based on their information, the life of the reporter is under thread.

then the last 1 is teresa kok, seputeh MP who was arrested on her way back home from a function at 11.30pm. im only know this when im brought newspaper on Saturday morning. WTF... never got saw Teresa comment anything also, she also kena ISA...

perhaps, if im using harsh abit the wording, im also will be kena ISA... ???

on this Saturday morning, i have COD to get my running shoe. Saucony.

on afternoon, i went to service my car. it's 30k km service already. i claimed a new disc brake (rotor).

on evening, i went to my friend house in puchong joining the mooncake lucky port gathering. im very enjoy it.

on sunday, 914
i and my friends went to Puchong eat Yong Tau Fu. before that, we went to the Giant Bandar Puteri where my friend want to stock pile up for the coming 916... i thought only im who kiasu, kiasi... last week im already stock up some biskuts. Whereares my fellow friend, he is so kiasu and kiasi than me, he brought around RM200 of food, namely mineral water, express cup mee, biskut and milo. at that movement, i feel im nothing compared with him. im give up to buy anything on that day.

working as usual. at night, there is a massive gathering / rally in the petaling jaya stadium, did not bother which stadium...

nothing is happening.
guess, the rumour speculated is just to scare people like me... *sweat...

looking for the for the coming days...

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