Saturday, September 06, 2008



i got shock when im cut my hair!!! 
i was so shock and worry about my hair!!! 
im just want to get off from the chair!!! 

today as usual i went to the my usual saloon shop E3 nearby my place. As usual weekend i have to waits for quite a some time. perhaps minimum of 30 minutes. Worst i got waited until 1 hour then only reach my turn for hair cut. 

As usual, i normally did not specific who is my hair cutter or stylist. im just want my hair to be cut short and looks nice, that's only my requirement. 

today, it's a new guy. i saw his preparation on the things, i feel freaking worry. plus looking at his face, he did not have much confidence on it. 

as he preparing, 1st pull the troli nearby, then put his cutting equipment. even his water spray also just re-filled. 

when he start to use machine to cut my hair, 
when the machine first touch my hair, 
when the machine start to cut my hair, im shock. im really terible shock. 

his hand and his machine is shacking wihle im experience shock. 
im try to control my shock. 
each time he use machine to cut with his shacking hand, im shock and worry. 
i got no eye to see how he cut my hair. 
lucky nothing is happened to me. im still alive. 

after use machine, then cut using hand. 
for the first time, i comment on the hair. here is not right, there is not right. too long. 
im really lost confidence on him. 

im always thinks why they always asking me whether i got any specific person to cut my hair or not. now im under-stand. 

next time no more "him". 


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