Sunday, May 22, 2005

Arsenal vs MU

yesterday, whole day got intensive class
my 3.7 intensive class started yesterday for 5 continuous day...
10am to 5pm!

after class i back home with Kai... he is follow my motor back to genting kelang and later will join leng chai liang go to watch football match at mont kiara!
i was thinking whether i wanna to join them leh?
but tomolo got class at 10am!
without thinks more, i decided to follow them.

10 people gang sitting at the sky eating and off to mont kiara plaza!
we reached there about 8.45pm... stil have 1 hour and 15 min to go before the match start!
nothing to do... just sitting at there...

this is my 1st time to join them to watch football...
liang,kai and others always come to this kind of places where got lots of fan gather watching football match together... the feeling is not the same when you watch football match at home.

we cheer... shout until no energy... tired... MU lose 5-4 penalty...
most of my gang is MU fan...they so dissapointed...

this is my 1st time to join them...
2am i'm reached home and sleep after that!

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