Friday, May 06, 2005

Penang, Perak and Kedah

Today I get permission to go to Penang by car alone. So happy. I finally got the green light to go. I dreamed this day so long…
I went out at 2.45pm and reach Penang at 3.30pm. so wired no traffic jam. Smooth journey all the way. I used my Touch N Go card which I brought in KL last time. I wanted to test whether this card can get discount when using Penang Bridge! Huh? Rm7.00 really or not? NO DISCOUNT ar! So disappointed ! as I know the T N Go card which sell at Penang Bridge got discount of RM1.40 which is just cost RM5.60 when using Penang Bridge. Why cant TNGo card which sell in KL cant have the same privilege? NOT FAIR!
1st I go to Tanjung Bungah to get back to phone set. So easy to find the uncle as he is from Reality s/b ppl. After that got nothings to do…. I only will have diner with friend at 6.30pm.
so I went to Batu Ferringi to find another friend, beach boy. Lucky he got free, all other my friends is not free, either is oversea study o working.
Wo…BeachBoy have a new fashion hair cutting and he like old time very talkative. Then we chat at the beach, as his house is nearby the beach! So long time hear the wave’s sound and enjoy the sea view! Beachboy now is partner with his sister to sell jewelry which imported from Korea and Japan. He even shown me and recommended some model of it. Ribbon is 1 of popular items. Love and Tavaka dog also is very popular! He even claim that there is no other place got sell the extract same jewelry even if got there is much expensive compared with his one. Do not know whether is true or not, half believing him! So I brought a star!

After that is time to meet friend at famous western food in Tanjung Tokong. It is operate at a temple. When I reached there I already got a lots of people sitting there waiting to be served. Long long time do not eat Penang’s Chicken Chop. So I ordered it with my friend. He is my ex-Penang TARC classmate. So glad to meet him back since after diploma I didn’t see him anymore and many things we chat about during diner.

After diner is time to go. I continue to find my another friend, a primary schoolmate who study in USM now. I went to Sg Dua USM there… lucky she at home.

Ops is 8.30pm lioa… I have to back home. I promised my mum will reach home before 9.00pm. but I still need to go to Perak Parit Buntar to buy train ticket. I have to go there to buy. From Penang, after the Penang Bridge I use highway to go PB. I come out at Jawi toll and towards Nibong Tebal. Ai.. I use back the same road again which I used yesterday. Today jalan again!
No people at the train station so quite. So I brought my ticket back to KL on May 8 night 10.30pm and will reach in KL at 6.30am so I got enough time to rest and prepare to go Mr Choong’s revision class. This time I brought second class o upper class, no more economy class which the chair is fixed and cant sleep well! The upper class cost me Rm28. hope that it value for money !

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