Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bee attack

At about 4.30pm, my grandpa told me to use Parang to cut the tree branches down in front of shop. So I grad parang and start to chop the branches… thinks again… so long did not cut tree branches since last time follow grandpa to estate!
Suddenly my head so pain! I immediately touch my head to see whether I was bite by anything. It’s a Bee… medium size bee, got orange colour at it’s back. It’s so painful. I immediately run back to shop scare of got another Bee. Really pain at my head… after a while it still pain. I was thinking whether I need to see doctor? Then if I go to see, then the doctor need to know what kind of Bee is biting me! So I take a plastic bag and back to the place where the Bee stings me and I brave myself to go back. Lucky the bee is stil there…so immediately catch it with the plastic bag. So I bring it with me to see doctor. The doctor said this bee is not very dangerous. If really poison bee is that you will be pain until vomit and the size of the bee is big.
The doctor give me an injection and some medical to eat. Back to home, I still can feel the pain in my head. Now as I’m writing this, I still can feel abit pain…. At least is better than before.

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