Thursday, May 05, 2005

phone set in Penang

I finally manage to find back to phone set ! horey ! this morning, I received a sms and telephone number saying that the phone set is with the man. Yeah….
This phone set is used during my diploma in Penang. I applied RingRing card services. Each month just cost RM1.50 rental plus 5 % government tax.
After I finished my diploma I din cut off the line. As it is useful to the junior. And they also got pay the bill.
Until recently I noticed that the bill is not paid since December! Now it accumulated RM9.00 plus… so I thinks is time for me to cut off the line. So I called back the uncle who in charge the house! But he said he is giving back the house to the owner. He is closing the house. Aiks… then how about my phone. He din saw the phone during clearing the house. So I asked he to give me the last batch people who stay in that house, maybe 1 of them is taking my phone set ! I called, and they saying they din take but put the phone in the room. That’s explain why uncle din saw the phone. So I called back him and ask him to find back.
And this morning I got the answer! I know where my phone it is… can save up fine of RM66 by Telekom if I fail to return the phone!

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