Thursday, May 05, 2005


Just now while online…suddenly my uncle called me. 1st he asked me how was the exam… got confidence to pass or not. Then I would him that I’m not doing well in the internal exam… but still hope that I can pass and go to UK 3 months to get degrees.

After that he asked on ACCA. I told him this coming June exam I will be taking final 4 papers… so after brief understanding on me then he start to comment on my choices…

Suddenly he mention about UTAR… asking whether I got friends who also study in there…saying UTAR is better as it do not need to go to UK to get honor degree and you can use the degree to further to master! Saying that nowadays people do not care whether you get UK degree or local degree… they prefer master… aiks… master? Accounting where do need this wo…ACCA is better I was thinking then…

Then continue…asking how much is my CGPA now… 2.8-2.7 around that loh…and he saying that local university & UTAR is much easy to study… there is no different between them some more can get your degree without fail even can get a above CGPA of 3.5. and advance diploma compared with degree sure is degree will prevail leh…

Talk…talk… so much… I just listen and keep saying “ya…ya….ya….” so demotivated by him !
He give me a few example of relatives who fail undergone the 3 years audit life… 1st is from UM…accounting. He manage to works about 1 year plus… then later cant tahan the life of auditing which is under paid and long hours… so he switch to commercial to be factory accountant.
2nd is she from UUM. She also cant tahan the life of audit same as above…
this both examples I heard long time ago…and my uncle still use it to scare me! Ai…
why my uncle so not supportive one… maybe he studying Engineering kua…use his perspective to judge the accounting line… my other uncle and aunty who are involved insurance line also didn’t talk much…they say just complete your studies and ACCA!

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Unknown said...

haha.. dun let those poeple defeat u.
weird always comment about this and that.
but from what i heard, poeple demand tarc accouting student more than those local uni student.
you can have a good prospect even when you are in s'pore.
i think different people have different determination in life.
but working as a auditor might not earn you good pay,
but it will open your eyes to see more things than you can ever imagine.

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