Sunday, November 28, 2010

12 Hour Walk 2010 - Eat. Walk. Play.

Perhaps the first thing in your mind will shout : Are you crazy? 12 hour walking?

Yes, Im joining 1st Melaka International 12 hour Walk 2010. This 12 hour walk is part of my Ultra-marathon 2011 training.

Recalling, i joined 12 hours walk 2 years back in 2008, where its held in Putrajaya.

Before start... As you can see behind there's people camping! 

12 hours walk is not all about just walking... there's a buffet food party all along the whole night and if you feel sleepy, just sleep on the floor as what im doing ( I dun know i can sleep during the race! ) haha 
People came prepared and went into camp and sleep... and before sunrise they continue to walk... 

My last lap timing... im got no more mood to walk another loop... :) 

Finisher medal... 

I thought 2008 was my first and last 12 hour walk.... 
Come 2010, im joining 12 hour walk again!  

This round, we are going to Melaka to walk 12 hours ! 

Anyone is going to "First Melaka International 12 Hour Walk 2010" do let me know! 
We go walk 12 hours together conquer the walk... 
 Btw, our target is to walk for 60-65km for the 12 hours! 

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