Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 (PBIM) Pacer

Today, im going to intro another special pacer for PBIM who going to run 6 hours pace. 

He is my shoe supplier. 
He is my running gadget supplier. 

He is one of my best running advisor. 

He is Choi... 

Choi will be 6 hours pacer for PBIM... Hope i can stick with him for the whole journey... 

My running shoes Saucony got from him. 
My running compression pants Zensah got from him. 
My running shocks Injinji got from him. 
My SPI belt got from him. 
My Bodyglide got from him. 
My hydration drinks Nathan got from him. 
My other hydration drinks Nuun got from him

Thanks Choi for complete me in the running. Im a Happy man in the running. 

See you Choi in PBIM on 21st November 2010. 

Choi can reach at Ccube Sports Hub 

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